JMVA offer a wide range of services such as:

JMVA have certain expectations of it’s customers in order that a high quality professional service can be provided, in return as a JMVA client you can expect the highest level of commitment and service at all times. Below are a few simple guidelines that will ensure an effective working relationship leading to value for money and a successful partnership.

What can you expect from JMVA

  • A high level of confidentiality at all times
  • A flexible approach to work
  • Integrity
  • Completion of work in a timely manner
  • Solution and results orientated
  • Cost effective support
  • Clear lines of communication
  • High level of attention to detail

What JMVA expects from it’s clients

  • Clear lines of communications
  • Payment as per our terms and conditions
  • Realistic time frames
  • Honesty

Mission statement To deliver a professional, accurate and confidential service in a timely and cost effective manner to the highest level.